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Why Young Girl Choose To Become Sugar Baby | Party Girl Kuala Lumpur

Party Girls Kuala Lumpur
Party Girls Kuala Lumpur


A sugar baby is someone who typically seeks financial support from an older partner in a mutually beneficial relationship. They are typically young, attractive individuals who might be looking to gain access to a more extravagant lifestyle.


Sugar daddies is often a gendered term that refers to typically older, financially successful men who seek out young women, however, it’s important to note that people of all gender identities can participate in sugar dating.


Sugar dating can take many different forms. For some, the relationship can develop into an intimate, long term relationship. For others, it may be a more casual relationship with a platonic foundation which may even turn into a mentoring relationship.


Some relationships may be in person and others may be conducted via online dating. For example, some sugar babies may receive compensation to go on dates with their sugar daddy. Other sugar babies may get paid for a phone conversation. There’s no right or wrong as the dynamics of the relationship are for the partners involved to decide.

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