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The List Of Best Omakase In Malaysia | Presented By Vpremiumgirlskl

Have you ever wanted to experience Omakase for a long time but had no one to go with? Most girls love eating Omakase & they will be happy if there's someone who is willing to bring them for a omakase dinner. For sure will be giving you and her a memorable nightout.

In Malaysia, Omakase prices range from RM200 to RM800 (though some are even more expensive 🤭). Spending a lot of money only to end up with disappointing food is truly a disaster.

Here's Five Omakase Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that is very exclusive and deliver you the freshest ingredients to your table.

📌Sushi Mew

Party Girl KL

Sushi Mew, originating from Hong Kong and Singapore, has a branch in Malaysia at the Westin KL hotel. Upon entering, you will notice a minimalist Muji-style design. The space is not crowded this giving you a very comfortable and private spaces for your nightout. The sushi chef will also handpick all the ingredient, allowing you to taste the freshest taste of the food.

📌Kami Wagyu

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For those who are not into sashimi and hesitant to try Omakase, Kami Wagyu offers a Wagyu Omakase that is perfect for you. Here, you can enjoy A5 Wagyu directly imported from Japan. The chef are very good in preparing Wagyu dishes to bring out the full flavor of the beef. The dishes used to serve the food are also from LV and Dior, which can let the girl for taking pictures.


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Upon entering Yuimu Omakase, you’ll be greeted by a strong Japanese style design. The interior design incorporates elements of the four seasons, just like the ingredients they use, which are fresh and unique for each season. Yuimu's chawanmushi is one of the chef’s specialty. You also need to try the sea urchin chawanmushi as well. Each bite is filled with the rich, sweet taste of sea urchin.


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TaKeEn, whose Chinese name means "Bamboo Garden Private Cuisine," it jad implies cooking delicacies inside a bamboo. To provide a reassuring dining experience, TaKeEn has introduced a non-Japanese seafood menu for those who are hesitant about Japanese seafood. Unlike typical Omakase, TaKeEn also offer cooked dishes on their menu. Let everyone enjoy the food at their liking.


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Hoshun is a hidden restaurant in the Bukit Damansara area. It is located on the second floor of the building. After taking the old school elevator up to the restaurant, you'll find a sophisticated Japanese-style restaurant that feels like another world. I feel that Hoshun's Omakase is not the most fancy type of restaurant but kt is instead sincere and well prepared, offering the best dining experience to all the customers.

Here are all the Omakase restaurants that I personally recommend you to try. If you're looking for a companion to enjoy a delightful night with, we're happy to arrange that for you. This way, you can enjoy the delicious Omakase along with a good company from beautiful girls

To make a reservation, contact us on Telegram @wulingmasters

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