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sugar daddy has made a remarkable impact in her life

Party Girl KL

At present day, Olivia receives about RM15,000 a month in allowance, excluding gifts. Part of their agreement also asserts that Olivia be taken on any holiday at least once a year. he took me to Dubai for my birthday."Despite this, Olivia stated that her price is not meant to be dangled in the air like a carrot to a horse. "I care for him deeply, and over the years, I've come to know what a good man, father, and person he is. But this is a deal at the end of the day, and I will not stand for anything less than I deserve."Getting to know him on a deeper level, Olivia mentioned that when she met her sugar daddy in 2018, he was at the tail end of a divorce, and has two children in their teens that she's yet to meet. "There will always be some level of disconnect because of the nature of our relationship. Frankly, I am not keen on meeting his children considering the manner in which we are intertwined.

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