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"I'm My Own Independent" — Malaysian Sugar Baby Shares Her Life After Having A Sugar Daddy

Party Girl KL

Currently, Olivia has one sugar daddy she's been with for the past four years, though she admitted how it's not unusual for some babies to have more than one 'parent'

"We met on a dating app that exclusively seeks to connect sugar parents and babies. The app isn't in operation any longer, but we've managed to keep things steady since 2018," she said.While most sugar babies often relent with one partner when seeking out a sugar parent, Olivia stated that certain babies may opt to have more than one sugar daddy if they are looking to sustain a more lavish lifestyle. "Most sugar parents prefer the undivided attention of one baby, but it's always malleable to the circumstance. If they want complete commitment from that baby, more conversations are usually had. If not, they can just go out there and search for another who's satisfied with the deal made."As for Olivia herself, her faithfulness to her current sugar daddy was primarily made for safety and health reasons. "Almost every sugar parent that wants to be intimate with their baby, as mine does, wants uninhibited freedom in the bedroom. So, I'd rather stick to one daddy."Taking precautionary steps along the way, Olivia was direct about unprotected sex being a regular thing expected from sugar babies, and it may sometimes be only physical, or not at all.

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