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Don't Know Where To Drink? Struggling To Find Party Places. Vpremium Kl Here we Gotchu

This KL Drink List carefully selects exceptional venues in Kuala Lumpur where you can enjoy innovative cocktails, discover rare wines and liquors, and savor craft beers from renowned global breweries.

Whether you seek a tranquil wine night with friends or a vibrant cocktail with a panoramic city view, we promise to have the ideal spot for you.

1.) Rakh

Party in kl

Being the first culinary bar in Asia, finessed play meets fiery passion in rākh’s dedicated R&D laboratory set in the bar, producing masterful blends with a tantalising curation of flavours. Sustainability is the distillation of rākh’s ethos: to reduce, to reuse, and as a last resort — to recycle. Conscious of minimal edible garnishes and utilising kitchen scraps for fermentation and distillation paired with a strict stand of no straws or garbage bags underpin some of rākh’s efforts to operate with a gentler footprint

2.) Penrose

Party In Kl

Embellishing Kuala Lumpur’s increasingly exciting cocktail tapestry, Penrose is the city’s latest drinkers’ delight. Opened in August 2022, this is an elevated bar that embodies the principles of functionalism, simplicity and modernity. Spearheaded by Jon Lee, the intimate atmosphere, with a focus on bar-counter seats, allows the team to deliver a more intentional service that encourages conversations across the bar.

3.) Bar Trigona

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Bar Trigona

Bar trigona is award as the Asia 50 Best Bars. Located in the KLCC area, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Bar Trigona is one step away from The Lounge Four Seasons KL. Trigona is classy! Marble, navy blue walls with golden ornaments, massive tables, again in golden color and same blue comfortable sits. Pair with world class bartender, very cocktail of here unfolds a sensory journey of tastes, textures, colours and aromas.

4.) Astor Bar

Party in kl
Astor Bar

Astor Bar and Decanter offers more than 650 labels from multiple regions and producers. Enjoy exclusive tastings in a secluded wine cellar under a gold-tiled, domed ceiling. Known for its modern-day glamour and old-world allure, our restaurant and bar greets you with brass-trimmed paneling and custom, hammered brass door knobs. Step inside and find an inviting bar area set against horsehair wall panels, rich leather, brass accents and discerning black-and gold marble.

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