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Currently, Olivia has one sugar daddy she's been with for the past four years, though she admitted how it's not unusual for some babies to have more than one 'parent'

Updated: Mar 5

Party Girl KL

Manoeuvring through obstacles, Olivia noted that she was weary of her safety being compromised when she first became a sugar baby. "I took a lot of precaution at the beginning. Booking Grabs away from my home, not giving them my address when they asked, but again, not being too suspicious of the reason why I wasn't being fully transparent."

Telling a story of another sugar baby friend of hers, Olivia told us that when she tried to break up with her sugar daddy, it ended with him coming to her house and confronting her in front of the whole neighbourhood, thereby letting out their secret and exposing their relationship to her family.

"This is not a conventional pairing. They are very powerful people, and they can get away with anything they want to if you aren't careful."

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