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Becoming A Party Girl Had Change A Normal Girl Life | Party Girl KL

Party Girl KL

Born into a poverty-stricken household, Olivia told that her entrance into the world of sugar babies came from a necessity to succeed. "My parents couldn't afford to send me to university due to our funds. I tried everything I could — part-time jobs, waiting tables, but it seemed as though I was in a never-ending cycle I couldn't leave. So, I went online, and the rest is history."Olivia stated that her parents are aware of her seeing a sugar daddy. "I told them at first that I was going out with a guy who was wealthy around my age. But when the gifts started to flow in, I copped and told them eventually. They weren't happy at first, but over time, and seeing what I've been able to do with the opportunity he has given me, they understand that he is the financial provider they weren't." Beyond her familial unit, only a few close friends know of her sugar daddy.Through his funding, Olivia was able to complete an undergraduate degree in fine art, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in the same division. "He's given me freedom which can impact me for the rest of my life, that is priceless. So when you think about what I have to give in return, it's nothing."As for flaunting the most opulent gifts she has received, diamonds from Tiffany's and first-class trips to Paris are a norm in her life. "The most expensive thing he's ever paid for has to be the private jet. He flew me and my two friends to London, and we stayed at Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park. It was the trip of a lifetime; I'd never trade that memory in for the world."

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