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Are Sugar Relationships Safe?

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As with any form of dating in today’s society, there are inherent risks to sugar dating, but the prospect of sugar dating isn’t necessarily dangerous.


Dangers may arise when first engaging in sugar mama or sugar daddy dating. There are many “splenda daddies” out there who claim to be a sugar daddy yet may not have the same financial resources. This in and of itself is not dangerous, but if you are entering a sugar relationship, be sure the person you are talking to is who they say they are.


The sex work aspect of sugar dating can make some people feel unsafe. It is important to note that not every sugar relationship involves sex. That is something that can be discussed and negotiated between the partners, but it is not a given when entering the relationship.


If sex work is involved, the sugar baby can potentially be coerced by the sugar daddy or sugar mama. They may withhold payment until a sexual act is complete even if the sugar baby does not want to engage in it. It can become especially dangerous if the sugar daddy or sugar mama is using money for financial abuse.


The safest way to sugar date is to make your intentions very clear from the beginning and maintain strong boundaries.


Sugar relationships are typically mutually beneficial relationships for both sugar partners. While people may all have their own personal reasons for engaging in sugar dating, it largely allows sugar babies more financial freedom than they would have had otherwise, and it provides sugar daddies and sugar mamas the company they may have been seeking.

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